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MGB Windshield Replacement

My recent project on the MGB is replacing my old windshield with a new one. As of today my new windshield, windshield frame, and replacement seal await repair as they sit at the glass shop.  Taking off the windshield frame was not difficult and didn't take long to remove. Most of my time was spent removing the old body seal, side grommets, and dirt from the car. Maybe the reinstallation of the windshield assembly will be as easy as taking it off the car.


I been the proud owner of my MGB since June 1998. Since that time I have done many things making a number of improvements from a Weber carburetor to changing the color from Aqua to RED. "I think all fast sport cars should be red." This website will be host to pictures of my MGB, its restoration info., information on clubs in the area (Danville, VA), useful hints, and much more.

VIR - Holiday Laps

(VIR - "Holiday Laps" on Dec. 9, 2002)

On December 9, 2002, I drove my MGB to VIR to participate in the parade laps for toys event that got many toys for needy kids for Christmas. I remember like yesterday driving up to the guard house giving the security guard my toys and signing the waiver but I had no clue what I was in for next. After getting down to the tower and waiting for ten minutes, I was on the racetrack. Being a twenty-two year old I often drive very fast but this day of all days I took it easy. I think my top speed on the racetrack was around 50mph. Driving that speed I was not able to keep up with the other cars so on my second lap and being embarrassed, I exited on pit lane. After getting off the racetrack I saw Bob Deitrich, who asked to drive my MGB. After taking some deep breaths I agreed. Can you say, hold on to your hat. I did just that praying the entire time while Bob drove around the racetrack. To end this, I had a great time and it was all for a great cause - charity.



I formerly owned a MG Midget that I purchased and "took back" due to title and registration problems and believe me when I say problems! It would have been a good buy at $700 dollars because the car ran. You don't find a lot of MG's at $700 that start after turning the key. My MGB didn't start at the turn of a key after getting it and it cost a lot more.

My MG Milestones

bulletJune 13, 1998 - MGB purchased from local couple. 
bulletJune 18, 1998 - I hear the MGB crank for the first time.
bulletJune 19, 1998 - I drove the MGB (manual transmission) for the first time.
bulletJune 26, 1998 - The MGB is towed to the shop (Road & Track Imports) for more repairs.
bulletAugust 25, 2003 - Windshield assembly goes to local glass shop for replacement of cracked windshield with a new one. 
bulletCheck back soon, More to Come...



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